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Momo Making at the Women Center

The VSN Women Center is a school for the women who are not fortunate enough to attend school in their younger age. The VSN Women Center is always doing its best to provide high quality education. Along with teaching and learning, there are various fun activities. One example of a fun activity is making momo’s.

Momo making: Great joy and happy moments at the women’s center

There was a great celebration at the Women Center on the 21st March, Friday. All the women, teaching staff and the volunteers were busy making momo’s together. When it comes to lunch, this snack is always on top of the list. It is the favorite of many Nepali. Not only the Nepali people, but the volunteers equally love it. The women and the volunteers are busy in making momo’s while the rest is busy dancing and singing. The women center rings with melodious songs.

It was a very mesmerizing moment for everyone. It is a great moment for the volunteers. They are learning to make a new dish and most probably the Momo itself was the major attraction.

All the women along with the volunteers are very pleased and grateful for providing them such an opportunity to work together as a group. It is a great day and a very memorable day for everyone.