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Korean Volunteer Teaching about Sanitary Pads

Seyong Kim Jeong is one of our volunteers from Korea. She is here in Nepal for the first time. She is a business student in her home country. She is here because her university encouraged her to go abroad during her courses to experience volunteering. Moreover, her university gave funds to her for all her volunteering. Jeong is here for around 8 days. Within these days, she volunteered in the CBIA school, learned Nepali culture and language and visited some places in Kathmandu with our language trainer and tour guide. She also visited the city of beautiful lakes called Pokhara.

Teaching Korean Language and use of Sanitary Pads

She is here for a short time but taught many things to the students of the CBIA school.  Seyong taught the students of secondary level basic Korean language. For example she taught body parts and its functions, different games and she did some face painting for the kids.

During some special lessons, Seyong gave training to girls on making sanitary pads! This is very useful for the girls during their menstrual period. Using easily available materials like pieces of cotton, cloth, thread, needle and buttons, she taught to make sanitary pads. These can be reused after washing. She trained the girls how to use these pads during their menstrual period.

Emergency first aid training

 Seyong also gave first aid training to the students of grade five. The main objective of first aid is to save lives during emergency situations. Students were taught about the way to give care to a patient during emergency cases like drowning, fainting, cuts, injuries etc. She also taught the kids about body parts like the lungs, kidney, liver, heart and their functions.

Korean traditional game

Seyong taught Korean traditional games to the students of CBIA. Those games were very new to them so they enjoyed the game a lot. ‘‘I felt very happy to work with such lovely students” she said. She gave the students some gifts from Korea and she donated the game materials to the school. Altogether, the kids were very happy to study the Korean language, play games and receive health education.

Seyong’s experience

‘‘Volunteering through VSN is a great experience. It is easy to work in a new place as the people from VSN were found very helpful and I loved to teach the students. I am really impressed by their attention towards the teacher. I had to deal with many students, but there wasn’t any problem to work with them”. She said; ‘I want to come to Nepal again and next time I will come with my elder sister”