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Charity Treks And Physiotherapy Volunteering In Nepal

Engaging in charity treks and volunteering work can be fulfilling and impactful experiences that allow travellers to contribute to meaningful causes while also challenging themselves physically and emotionally. Natalie Jasmine, a recent graduate in physiotherapy from Perth, Australia, possesses an insatiable passion for exploration and a profound love for diverse cultures. With a keen interest in outdoor pursuits like running and hiking, her heart lies in the embrace of mountains. Eager to make a meaningful impact abroad, Natalie has long aspired to volunteer, particularly in aiding children and immersing herself in global communities. Natalie is driven by a desire to deepen her understanding of the local culture and embark on a spiritual odyssey. Choosing to collaborate with the Volunteer Society Nepal, she has dedicated herself to a multifaceted volunteer experience. Her days are filled with contributing to physiotherapy services at an elderly care centre, imparting knowledge to young monks in a monastery, and embracing the challenge of trekking to Annapurna Base Camp.

Natalie chose to embark on a meaningful journey with the Volunteer Society Nepal. Her mission involves providing physiotherapy services at an elderly care centre, imparting knowledge to young monks in a monastery, and venturing on a trek to the Annapurna Base Camp. For Natalie, this journey goes beyond just volunteering; it is an opportunity to absorb the rich tapestry of Nepali culture and embark on a spiritual odyssey.

As she engages in physiotherapy for the elderly, Natalie not only brings her professional skills to the forefront but also offers warmth and compassion to those she serves. Simultaneously, her teaching endeavours with young monks become a conduit for cultural exchange and mutual learning. The trek to Annapurna Base Camp serves as a metaphorical summit for Natalie, combining her love for mountains with a quest for personal growth and exploration.

We offer physiotherapy and occupational therapy volunteering placements to suit volunteers of all levels of experience, so whether you are an aspiring physiotherapist or a qualified professional we will be happy to provide you with placement and we will tailor your role based upon your background.

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