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Interview With The Principal of the CBIA School

Why was this school set up?

This school was established by the founders of the Everest Foundation charity. It has the purpose of providing sturdy education to the children of the local community. It provides free education for orphans. The Career Building International Academy (CBIA) was set up to provide a quality education with affordable fees for its students. The foundation aims to use its international network to run a school that provides students with a modern education using sound educational pedagogy. CBIA wants its students to aim high and hope for a future full of opportunities and career prospects. In Nepal we want to overcome the problems of its past and develop into a strong nation. Therefore, its people must be well-educated, disciplined, hard working and self reliant.

How many children are there?

There are currently 1000 students at the school and it is growing rapidly.

How old are the children?

CBIA runs classes from Playgroup to Lower-Secondary (4 – 16 years old) in the Academic Session 2017.

What subjects do they learn?

Our timetable consists of Nepali grammar, English language (speaking, reading and writing), social (humanities), science, computer studies and drawing.

Why have the parents chosen to send their children to CBIA?

CBIA provides a solid education for children at affordable fees for the parents. Having an international presence at the school, through various volunteer inputs, is also very important to the parents. Children from poor backgrounds receive fee concessions to attend the school and children from local orphanages go here for free.

Who runs the CBIA school?

The school has been running under the management of teaching professionals, qualified teachers and respected members of the community. All are enthusiastic to develop the school and improve their own teaching under the guidance of local and international education professionals through workshops and training. I am the Principal of the school and am responsible for the day to day running of it.

Where does the majority of the schools funding come from?

The school was established in 2008 and for the last year has been working towards becoming completely self sufficient – relying only the funds from children’s school fees. Before this happened the school received investment from its founders. Throughout 2009 the school has received a lot of financial support from the founders for building work and resources. However in 2010 they hope that this work will pay off and the school will be able to run itself.

What does the school need/ spend its funds on?

For the last few months we have spent money building four new classrooms for the increasing numbers of students attending the school. We also rented new land to create a playground for the children and invested money in a library and basic computer lab. There are a few more things we would like to get but money prevents us. For example a projector and new books for the library. We love to have international volunteers to help with the school. We are particularly in need for pre-school teachers for 4-6 year old, science and IT teachers for all ages and English teachers. The school is always very happy to receive volunteers. Especially the ones with teaching experience that can spend time training our Nepali teachers. They can also advise me and my staff on managerial issues and school structure.

If you want to volunteer at the CBIA school, please apply here and mention CBIA.