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CBIA: A School of Equal Opportunity

“Sound education, Better Career and Best Future”, Career Building International Academy is a school for everyone. CBIA is located in the heart of Pepsicola and established by Tej Shrestha in 2004; it was built on the foundation of providing a strong academic education with affordable fees. It is a school that stands out. The school has a strong focus on providing equal opportunity and less fortunate children with free education. This is one of Shrestha’s main concerns. He strongly values the importance of education and the contribution all students can make to society by having the opportunity to learn.

The academic standing of CBIA is constantly improving. Especially in recent years, CBIA has increased substantially. It has achieved much success academically and in extracurricular activities, such as sports and games. The Principal, Mr Hem Rai, a team of dedicated teachers and management team continue to provide a strong education and support system to their students. Volunteers also play a vital part in CBIA’s success and have been supporting the school since 2004.

Free Education to The Less Fortunate Children

CBIA is extremely proud to be able to provide less fortunate children in the local area with free education. Shrestha says, “Education is very important for all. If they get a proper education, they really can contribute a lot to the society and the nation.” Shrestha is also the founder of Volunteer Society Nepal. Shrestha, with his team and volunteers, works hard to achieve his goal of bringing about a long-term and sustainable change to Nepal.

CBIA provides free education to the children of less wealthy families in the community. This benefits the children and reduces the stress of the parents. CBIA also reaches out to the local community and currently has students from different orphanages attending the school. Poonam Dhungana and Ombir Kulung Rai are two students from an orphanage. Both are working hard to get good grades and achieve their dreams. CBIA will continue to provide them with a free education as long as they continue to be dedicated students.

An International and Modern Foundation

CBIA boasts many modern facilities: the school is earthquake resistant; has a computer lab to support multimedia-based teaching and has a well-equipped library. This enables the students to receive a good education in a safe surrounding. It also provides the students with more tools to learn. This is extremely important as academic excellence is rewarded at CBIA. Three of the outstanding students from each class are awarded scholarships. The first student gets 25%, the second gets 15% while the third gets 10% annually.

Volunteering at CBIA

CBIA asks for the help of volunteers to teach English. CBIA believes it strengthens the education of the students. Volunteer Society Nepal has been acting as the bridge to link volunteers to their ideal volunteer placement since 2004. Shrestha says,”The ideas and the knowledge from volunteers have always been very helpful to the school for its operation.” VSN also encourages volunteers to teach a lesson in their own language.

“The presence of volunteers is of great value to the school. The students can learn a lot of new things and gain ideas from them. The language classes offered by volunteers are the best part of volunteering as the students can learn a third language rather than Nepali and English. Their openness to other cultures is also a significant factor that volunteers bring.”

Volunteer Society Nepal encourages volunteers from all over the world to come to Nepal, to use their skills and education to improve the current situation. Besides teaching English, you can also assist the teachers with improving the curriculum, course books and sports. Volunteering is a fun, rewarding and cultural way to travel. VSN strives to improve the health, education and women’s rights in Nepal. For further information please click here for more information.

Ombir, a local orphan, is extremely grateful CBIA is providing him with a full scholarship
A brighter future: Ombir Kulung Rai is one of the many students who benefits from a CBIA scholarship.
CBIA: A School of Equal Opportunity
Poonam Dhungana works hard to upkeep her CBIA scholarship.